Where Can I Buy a French Bulldog in USA?


Hairy French Bulldog : When you need companionship, no one offers it better than a dog. A furry friend of any breed can be a companion that will cherish you carefully throughout your life and provide you and your family with a warm and loving presence. But not all dog breeds can integrate into your home so easily; in some cases this can be a difficult transition, making it difficult for some families to find a dog they can safely bring into their home.

This is one of the main reasons why Hairy French Bulldog are such a popular breed with potential dog owners. This is a relatively undemanding breed that can adapt to almost any environment or household. Being a low-energy breed, they are less likely than other dogs to damage your property in any way or pose a potential risk to children or other vulnerable members of your family.

Are you asking yourself “where can I buy a Hairy French Bulldog?” While they can be a great addition to your family, each dog’s behavior (and in this case, their health) owes as much to where they come from as it is to the home they become a part of. If you are looking for a companion animal that will easily adapt to your home and become a fun and friendly addition to your family for many years, it is essential that you purchase yours from a reputable dealer. In this blog post, we’ll explain why this is so important and where you should look.

It is important to find a reliable seller

As mentioned earlier, a large part of why many people choose to purchase a French Bulldog is because of their reputation as a relatively easy going breed that won’t have too much trouble integrating into your home. But their natural ability to do this can be easily disrupted if they come from unhealthy, cruel conditions that have left them traumatized and unable to behave in a way that is compatible with your family.

It is more difficult to determine what background your dog comes from unless you are buying from a reputable seller. This seller may be a breeder, a rescue organization or some similar form of organisation; no matter how they get you your French Bulldog, a reputable seller will generally only offer dogs registered with the American Kennel Club, which provides resources and information for a large network of breeders and rescue organizations.

How to find AKC registered Hairy French Bulldog

Because of the potential health issues that many purebreds like French Bulldogs can be prone to, the AKC exists to provide information, resources, and a network that can support the health and well-being of these high-care dogs. This standard covers breeding practices as well as other methods of obtaining, caring for and selling purebred dogs. When you purchase an AKC registered French Bulldog, you are more assured that your dog will enjoy a high quality of life for a long time with your family.

You can find AKC registered French Bulldogs in a few different ways. The organization lists events on its website and offers a marketplace where puppy buyers and sellers can connect, as well as grooming and training services. AKC can also put you directly in touch with local breeders and rescues in your area.

Give your Hairy French Bulldog a happy home with Royal Empire French Bulldogs

If you are in California, finding a reputable AKC registered French Bulldog dealer is as easy as contacting Royal Empire French Bulldogs about the puppies we have available. Our dogs are looking for happy homes and if you are ready to give them one, they are ready to create years of happy memories for you and your family. Contact us now for more information.

A brief history of small dogs

It’s hard to name a better cross-species team than human beings and dogs. Unlike other pets, canines are highly trainable and willing to take our lead in many useful ways: Sled dogs and police K9 units can enthusiastically perform physical labor alongside their humans, while service dogs drastically improve the quality of life for individuals. However, the true beauty of the human-dog relationship is companionship, and since companionship does not require size, strength, or endurance, it has opened the door for all sizes and shapes of dogs to be raised—including toys such as our beloved French Bulldogs. Let’s look at some early forms of toy ownership to see how things have evolved to this point.

The breeding of small “pretty” dogs for companionship and decoration goes back thousands of years to dynastic China. The Pekingese (named after the Imperial Chinese) and Pugs were bred as dogs for ruling families and were popular in imperial courts. While Pekingese were prized for their lion-like looks, pugs’ facial wrinkles were considered lucky. Over time, the popularity of this type of dog spread throughout Asia and finally in the 16th century to Europe.

European nobility took a liking to pugs just like their earlier Chinese counterparts. One remarkable Pug named Pompey even thwarted an attempt on the life of a Dutch prince by barking to alert the prince of the attackers. Terriers were also popular at the time, though more for their work as “rats” and less for their winning personalities. Still, rat hunting deserves recognition as a major work domain for which smaller dogs were better suited and therefore consistently behaved for. Sadly, many dogs at the time were also bred and used for blood sports involving bears and bulls. Around the time the United Kingdom outlawed these activities, the Industrial Revolution pushed English lacemakers to Normandy, France with their pets, introducing many new breeds to the continent. By far the most popular were the small bulldogs that some owned. Although not a recognized breed, a brisk trade was established with British breeders selling undersized bulldog puppies to France where they were prized. As these “Toy Bulldogs” were bred in France over time, terrier breeding was introduced to make their ears stand straighter, eventually giving birth to the modern French Bulldog.

The small breeds made it across the Atlantic with European sailors alongside the larger breeds. Pest control was still a priority and breeding intensified to suit this purpose. In fact, the American Kennel Club refers to the Rat Terrier as an “American Original.” The descendants of these “rats” – especially the Jack Russell Terrier – remain popular pets today. The French Bulldog also remained in vogue in the United States, and by 1906 it was the fifth most popular breed in the country, with notable owners including the Rockefeller and Morgan families. As of 2017, the ‘Frenchie’ is the fourth most popular dog breed in the United States. We’re proud to take the venerable French Bulldog as our namesake at Frenchie Bulldog, but whatever small breed you live with, we’ll always strive to make the most comfortable, safe and stylish accessories for them.

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