We love our Boston!

We love our little girl! She is exactly what we expected. Getting her to California was easy! Although travel options were limited, she was flown on a chartered plane, then brought to our front door. She has a clean bill of health, and overall, the process of getting her was very easy. The only thing that I would have liked was more information about the breeder. I know that there is a no puppy mill guarantee, but I wanted to be able to do a little research myself beforehand, more for a piece of mind. I would recommend Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies if you are unable to find your desired breed in your area, as we were unable to do so. They are a nice service, but nothing will ever compete with picking out your new puppy in person.

Sonia, Huston Tx.

From start to finish,

From start to finish, the experience was easy. We were looking for a Frise Bochon puppy. Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies‘ rep, contacted me immediately when I had any questions. Once we found a Pup, we got weekly updates until she was ready to come home. The travel person called me the night before she arrived and setup a time for the next day. She arrived at the designated time and we have been ecstatic with our pup since she arrived. I highly recommend Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies’ Puppies!!!!

Percy, Sydney.

Great Experience

We had a great experience with Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies Puppies. Our manager was great. The challenge was on communication about the delivery. We read many bad reviews and it was tough getting answers. We decided to drive to get our Bichon, which worked great. Overall the cost was right and my son and I had a lot of fun on the journey. And we have an awesome new family member.

Lynn, Galax VA.

Delays, but worth the wait.

Delays due to vet health visits from breeder During scheduling caused an emotional roller coaster, but once healthy puppy delivered, we have been very happy. Also, Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies Puppies to be commended on doing an excellent job of communicating with us during Covid restrictions. Fabian is a wonderful, lively, little French Bulldog from Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies who has enriched our lives and keeps us entertained and full of puppy love.

Ben, Jacksonville FL.

Delores aka Mocha

Our experience with Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies has been great. They were with us every step of the way from the moment we put our application in to the day our puppy got here. Yes, they’re expensive, but it’s worth every penny. I’d recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a specific breed of dog. Delores aka Mocha is doing very good and she’s healthy as can be!

Monica, LA.

My wonderful new French Bulldog / Margarita

Love her. The breeder was wonderful. She was so nice and really loves her puppies. She gave me extra dog food because I was not informed of what kind of dog food to get Margarita. She also wanted pictures and her and her name after I got her home. Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies was wonderful and answered all my questions. I just didn’t get the information on what dog food to get her. My experience was wonderful and she is a wonderful addition to our family. Thank you..

Angela, Qneensland.

We are so happy with our Bichon

We are so happy with Tucker. He is a beautiful Bichon from Grace Bostons & Frenchies Puppies. The breeder contacted us a couple of times after receiving him & she was very helpful & informative. Our assistant helped us find him & he was very patient & pleasant throughout. My only complaint is that there should be more communication from the Puppy Managers with updates & pictures. I always had to reach out & ask whereas I was under the impression that there was contact before receiving your pup. I understand that these are challenging times, but it would’ve helped the wait & anticipation if we were updated as we were told.

Dalton, Ontario.

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