Characteristics of the French Bulldog that you may not know.

french bulldog

Available French Bulldog : Frenchies are a great house dog with a balanced character. They are especially popular with city dwellers who live in apartments with limited space. People love the fact that Frenchies are small dogs and don’t shed much. More than that, they come in a number of different colors; they chill, they bark, they make you laugh, and many other wonderful features that only you, the owner, can discover.

Physical features of the French Bulldog

  • Bat ears

The characteristic erect bat ears are highlights that are hard to ignore when looking at the French. These ears do not reach all the way up when your Frenchie is in the first stage of life. The showing process grows as your dog develops. With normal growth, you should see the ears begin to rise at around seven weeks. But the odd thing can happen when you don’t see any signs of erect ears. That’s when human intervention helps. Owners can tape each ear and leave them flat to prevent a wrinkled base. Then guide the ears into the correct position and leave them there for 4 to 5 days and gently peel them to remove them.

  • Brachycephalic face

The Available French Bulldog are also known for their unique appearance, resembling a miniature bulldog. Heavy wrinkles around the eyes and narrow nostrils appear on their faces. This brachycephalic face shape gives dogs an exclusive yet fun look that matches their personality. However, the short nose caused by the uncomfortable shape takes away the ability to breathe properly, which puts the French in the group of non-sporting dogs. This means that city dwellers who love the occasional short walk will find French Bulldogs great companions.

  • Medium build

A mature Frenchie can weigh up to 28 pounds; females are smaller. We consider them great apartment dogs that don’t have to worry about sharing your living space. Although small, Frenchies are muscular dogs if they have enough food, which explains why they are heavy on the hands.

  • A thin coat

Frenchies are not hairy despite their thin coat. This could be an advantage for those who are allergic to dog fur and are not inclined to clean the hair under the couch. But don’t laugh yet! However, dogs do shed, just a little. If you follow a regular bathing routine and take good care of your Frenchie, you will be rewarded with a shiny and silky coat.

  • A small tail

Do Available French Bulldog people have tails? They do, but it’s anchored and exposes their bums for show. This could be minor for many dogs, but it is not a serious problem for French Bulldogs. Selective breeding over the ages has given the breed this tail shape for some reason; not all are bad. No tail means more speed and no attack on that weak spot. Interestingly, this corkscrew tail further adds to the breed’s cosmetic appeal. However, there are exceptions. Some French Bulldogs have a small tail, but this rarely happens. So does this mean no tail wagging? Um, yes. But you have better makeup, loyal unique canine companion.

  • Short legs

Low profile and stubby legs do not make the French racers, although they may have all the willing playfulness. When standing on all fours, the French are only about 1 foot tall. Additionally, height is irrelevant when standing on its hind legs. And you know that blocked airways through their constricted nostrils do not allow for exercise behind the line.

  • Coat colors

Among the features of the Available French Bulldog, color is prominent. You can find French bulldogs in many colors. The standards are fawn, cream and black with many shades of annealing. It is rare to see a French with a full body coat of one color. There should be spots and stripes of light and dark patterns. Some dogs even carry different pigmentation on their nose, ears and places along their body. Exceptionally, blue French bulldogs are rare among colors for an unusual recessive gene diluted, which causes irregular growth of a bluish coat. Other rare colors are Lilac, Chocolate, Platinum, Merle, etc.

Social features of the French

  • Territorial breed

The Available French Bulldog love their people, but not the people and animals around that person. They may act like they suspect you are sharing the love with someone or other pets. But it is not difficult to introduce your dog to household members and children. Other dogs and cats may take a while, but it’s not impossible. But after all, French Bulldogs are incredibly child-friendly and affectionate in all households.

  • Attention

When it comes to high demand for property, the French love to keep you company all the time. They need you to cuddle, pet and give them attention everywhere. So it is likely that your Frenchie will follow you from room to room. Another means of your attention is that the French cannot help themselves in some particular difficulties, such as falling into water or difficulty in breathing. This means you don’t let your dog roam around when you’re not there to watch. The dog is not even suitable for a domestic worker.

  • Intelligence

People don’t rate French Bullpups 5 stars for smartness, but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid. Dogs are trainable to cues and a few complex commands. However, they are also notorious for their stubbornness. Therefore, you will need special patience and consistency when learning French.

  • Bonus: Frenchie Snort

Dogs suffering from brachycephalic syndrome commonly pant after playing and running around for a while. This should explain why French Bulldogs are calm dogs during the day. You may also hear your puppy sniffing in his sleep due to this collapsed airway. So again, don’t give your Frenchies too much movement and don’t make them hyperkinetic in any game.

In conclusion, we would like to state that the French Bulldog is not a cheap dog. To ensure that you welcome a healthy bull puppy into your home, please look for a reputable breeder with years of experience.

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