Guide to Buy Fluffy/Hairy French Bulldogs

hairy french bulldogg

The fluffy French bulldog is a breed of long-haired French bulldogs. French Bulldogs are usually a short-haired breed. A coat gene present in French bulldogs (Fibroblast growth factor) determines the length of the puppy’s coat. Remember that long-haired French bulldogs carry two copies of the gene for long hair. Recently, awareness of the long coat […]

Characteristics of the French Bulldog that you may not know.

french bulldog

Available French Bulldog : Frenchies are a great house dog with a balanced character. They are especially popular with city dwellers who live in apartments with limited space. People love the fact that Frenchies are small dogs and don’t shed much. More than that, they come in a number of different colors; they chill, they […]

Boston Terrier Puppy Care At Grace Frenchies And Bostons

Boston Terrier Puppy for sale Boston terrier is a pleasant canine breed that usually loves people. In its black and white attire, it looks as if a “little gentleman”. These puppies also are excellent with kids, and pair nicely with different pets. Weigh from 17 to twenty-five pounds, those puppies seldom bark disruptively. Some capacity […]